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NaturAle - Who said that you can not buy happiness

About NaturAle

Who we are and what we do

Naturale Brewery LLC was founded by Sergey Makarov in 2016. It all started when Sergey and Stella his wife were newly married and were on their honey moon trip across Europe – Czech Republic and Germany, and were enjoying their trip and the most delicious beer, she asked- “What are we going to do in Georgia when our voyage ends?” and looking in each other’s eyes, and an idea came up to them at once - a little family Brewery.

And since then our goal is to make the best quality product with love and passion, and bring pleasure and joy to your life through the unique rich tastes and flavors.

At the moment we are small independent craft brewing company, trying to give you best quality for reasonable price with all of our heart, because all of us equally deserve to have some joy and happiness in our lives. We do welcome people to explore the world of craft beer and focus our effort mostly on ale. NaturAle is located in Georgia and at the moment works on local market.

We’re growing, we’re changing, we’re experimenting and therefore we are always ready to please you with cool surprises. Stay with us and take from life all the best, as we are planning to greet tomorrow with open heart and open mind.

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